Providing nourishment

Two Bucks County residents are among 81 ShopRite employees who will appear on the back of limited-edition Cheerios boxes for helping to fight hunger.

ShopRite of Yardley, at 1603 Big Oak Road, is among the top 40 winning stores in the annual ShopRite Partners In Caring Cheerios Contest, co-sponsored by ShopRite and General Mills.

Pictures of 81 ShopRite associates will appear on the back of limited-edition Cheerios boxes for their work in helping raise $1.4 million to fight hunger.

The local store selected employees Carrie Emery of Morrisville and Elizabeth Gilchrist of Yardley to be featured on 150,000 special-edition Cheerios boxes.

The Cheerios box was unveiled last week during an in-store ceremony.

This year’s contest theme was,“Fighting hunger from the heart -– together we can make a difference.”

ShopRite associates collected donations at check-out and held events in stores to raise awareness and money to fight hunger.

The money raised will support regional food banks.

“The ShopRite associates featured on this year’s Cheerios box are passionate about fighting hunger and helping people in need in the communities where our ShopRite stores operate. And our associates know that working together as a team to raise money and awareness is the most effective way to make a difference,” said Christine Magyarits, spokeswoman for ShopRite Partners In Caring. “Since 1999, $43 million has been donated to local food banks through the ShopRite Partners In Caring program. The Cheerios contest is one of our favorite annual events and highlights our ‘partners’ in the fight against hunger, including our dedicated ShopRite associates, our generous customers and General Mills, a longtime vendor partner who shares our passion for helping those in need of food assistance.” ••

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