CR “Battles” and “Duels” for fundraising

First Council Rock Backyard “BAT”TLE event

Join the Council Rock South and Council Rock North baseball players for the first Backyard “BAT”TLE event at Arm & Hammer Park, 1 Thunder Road in Trenton, on April 22 at 7 p.m.

The net proceeds from the Trenton Thunder game will benefit The Travis Manion Foundation, a nonprofit that “empowers veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations.”

“We give to numerous charities each and every year, but we select one each year as what we call our district charity,” said Council Rock Superintendent Dr. Robert Fraser.

“We selected the Travis Manion Foundation this year because it really provides opportunities for both our adults as well as our students from a service standpoint.”

The district’s two high schools added Travis Manion Foundation clubs, and since their kickoffs less than a year ago, students have led service activities, including a cleaning project at Wharton Park and holiday caroling.

The baseball outing is another event to benefit the charity’s cause.

For tickets, visit

Save the date for “The Duel”

The Council Rock Education Foundation will host “The Duel” at the Fuge, 780 Falcon Circle, #200, in Warminster, on Friday, March 10, from 7 to 11 p.m. .

Guests 21 years old and older can enjoy a night full of food, music, drinks, a silent auction and raffle prizes.

The money raised will benefit the Council Rock Education Foundation, which raises funds to give teachers additional access to learning resources and programs for students that could not be made possible with the given school budgets.

“CREF has given so much to our school district, so much to our classrooms, to our students and our teachers in terms of innovative learning grants,” said Council Rock Superintendent Dr. Robert Fraser.

“They augment our core curricular programs so that we are able to do things from a student learning standpoint that otherwise we would simply not be able to do.”

For information or to sponsor the event, email For tickets, visit

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