POLITICS: Fitzpatrick joins GOP “Patriot Program”

The National Republican Congressional Committee has included U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-8th dist.) in its 10-member Patriot Program.

Fitzpatrick and the other incumbents are being targeted by Democrats for defeat in 2018. The NRCC will help them with organizing and fundraising.

Last year, Fitzpatrick beat Democrat Steve Santarsiero with 54.43 percent of the vote. Donald Trump won the district by one percentage point.

“Our Patriots are a group of battle-tested members who won hard-fought races in 2016 and are ready to win once again. Each of those announced is not only an effective member in Congress, but an integral advocate for the communities they serve,” said NRCC chairman Steve Stivers, a Republican congressman from Ohio.

“The NRCC stands squarely behind each of them and will work tirelessly on their behalf to ensure their important voices continue to represent their constituents.”

Fitzpatrick released the following statement on the resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn:

“I support the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia’s attempt to influence the presidential elections – including campaign communications with the Russian government and its officials. Gen. Flynn’s resignation was the right decision, and his departure from the administration should not be the end of our discussion on our nation’s current stance toward Russia.

“As a former FBI supervisory special agent, co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I am deeply concerned that Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea and the ongoing war in Donbass will continue to undermine stability in Europe and threaten our allies. It is critical to our national interest that the United States stand with the people of Ukraine and with our NATO allies against Russia’s sustained and dangerously destabilizing strategy of economic sanctions, political pressure, propaganda and cyberattacks. By ignoring Russia’s actions toward Ukraine, we not only risk Ukraine’s future, but also our own national security interests in the region.”

Meanwhile, Fitzpatrick has launched a district-wide small business listening tour aimed at learning more about Bucks and Montgomery county small businesses and ensuring their voice is represented in Congress.

The tour of 100 small businesses will allow Fitzpatrick and local businesses to exchange ideas on important issues ranging from tax and regulatory reform, to healthcare and infrastructure.

“When our local small businesses succeed, they create jobs, invigorate our communities and preserve the distinct character of our local economy,” Fitzpatrick said.

“As a certified public accountant and member of the House Committee on Small Business, I’m committed to visiting 100 small businesses across Bucks and Montgomery counties this year, and every year, to better appreciate the needs of local small businesses and to help them create good-paying jobs right here in our community.”

As a member of the House Committee on Small Business, Fitzpatrick serves on both the Subcommittee on Health and Technology and the Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Capital Access and Tax.

Fitzpatrick is one of four lawmakers to introduce the Saracini Aviation Safety Act, requiring the installation of secondary cockpit barriers on most commercial aircraft.

H.R. 911 mandates inexpensive, lightweight wire-mesh gates to be installed between the passenger cabin and the cockpit door that would block access to the flight deck whenever the cockpit door is opened during flight for pilots’ meals, restroom use and other reasons.

Joining Fitzpatrick in sponsoring the measure are Indiana Democratic Rep. André Carson, New York Republican Rep. Peter King and New Jersey Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer.

The legislation is named in memory of pilot Capt. Victor J. Saracini, who was killed when terrorists hijacked United Flight 175 on September 11, 2001.

Fitzpatrick said, “As our nation continues to combat the threat of terrorism, it’s crucial that we not only prepare for the future, but learn from the past. Protecting the cockpit of our nation’s planes is the simplest, cheapest and most effective method to prevent airplanes from being turned into weapons of war by those who seek to do us harm. I’m grateful for the bipartisan support of this legislation and look forward to building on the bipartisan progress made with the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee last Congress to see this important measure signed into law.”

In other news, Fitzpatrick has joined with 43 other members of the House in urging the Trump administration to move quickly to repair and strengthen the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

The letter highlights support for a number of policies, including: Ending incitement and violence against Israel and Jews promoted by the Palestinian Authority; reversing, to whatever extent possible, one-sided United Nations resolutions harmful to Israel and to Judaism; moving the United States embassy, currently located in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem as soon as practicable, consistent with “The Jerusalem Embassy and Relocation Act” of 1995; and opposing efforts to de-legitimize Israel through boycott, divestment and sanction.

“We, the undersigned Members of Congress, write to express our intent to work with you to repair the strong relationship that our government has historically maintained with Israel, our primary ally and the only democracy in the Middle East,” reads the letter, in part. “[W]e look forward to working with you to help bring peace to an area of the world that has experienced too much pain for too long.”

Fitzpatrick is a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Fitzpatrick released the following statement urging House leadership to prioritize tax reform and a balanced budget amendment on the legislative calendar:

“While our nation faces many challenges, perhaps none is more pressing than that of growing our economy. The positive impact of strong, sustained economic growth has the potential to not only help families make ends meet, but address number of other pressures we face. As such, Congress should place a priority on rebuilding our economy, beginning with enacting meaningful tax reform and reining in government spending. To ensure robust, inclusive growth, lawmakers must simultaneously make our convoluted tax code flatter and fairer, while forcing Washington to spend within its means. As a certified public accountant and an independent voice for my constituents, I stand ready to support tax reform that helps Bucks and Montgomery county families and speak out for a balanced budget amendment; I urge House leadership to join me.”

Last week, Fitzpatrick and the House Small Business Committee participated in a hearing to examine how the current tax code operates as a barrier to business creation and growth.

Fitzpatrick has joined 45 Democratic and Republican freshmen members in signing a “Commitment to Civility” pledge that seeks to restore collegiality, trust and civility to Congress, encourage productive dialogue, and work to build consensus and the public’s trust in America’s institutions.

The one-page pledge acknowledges the “increasing division in and coarsening of our culture fueled too often by the vitriol in politics” and commits its signers to “set an example of statesmanship.”

“We can all agree that our nation is facing some serious challenges. From increasing opportunity in an evolving economy, to keeping our families safe from threats at home and abroad, the lift in front of this body is heavy enough – the last thing we need is make problem-solving any harder,” Fitzpatrick said.

Last year, Fitzpatrick and Democrat Steve Santarsiero signed a positivity pledge during their campaign. The pledge did not stop both sides – particularly their outside supporters – from engaging in negative campaigning. ••

3 thoughts on “POLITICS: Fitzpatrick joins GOP “Patriot Program”

  1. Congressman Fitzpatrick is not meeting with his constituents. A business “listening tour” is something his brother Mike Fitzpatrick used to get good PR. But what employee will ask the tough question at his/her job? PA-8 constituents would like town halls. We would like to be extended the same courtesy as businesses get.
    Thank you.
    The artist, social activist and performance artist, Pussi Artist

  2. I urge Rep. Fitzpatrick to hold public town halls so all the people he represents have the opportunity to hear from him directly.

  3. please hold a town hall so we can express our concerns about the way this current administration is moving – we want to hear from you directly as to what your position is on other issues and let you know how we feel and expect you to communicate with us in the future – 2018 is not far away – there is limited time to make your point that you claim to be an independent politician – your voting record counts – please hold a town hall so you can explain for one thing your voting record so far – we are paying attention and expect you to do the same with our requests

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