Annual Christmas Tree sale raises $6k for needy families

The Bucks County Community Foundation raised $6,000 with its annual Christmas Tree sale last month, according to Foundation member Joe Cimino.

This year, the group sold 600 trees through Dec. 17 at the Middletown Township Public Works in Levittown. Proceeds from this and other events throughout the year go to families who, as Cimino puts it, “are not as happy as we are.”

Specifically, the group regularly provides food, clothes and other necessities to families throughout the county. In December, the offerings included toy vouchers.

Cimino also recognized the people who bought a tree and donated it back to the foundation to give to someone in need.

“Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who can’t afford a Christmas tree,” he said.

The Bucks County Community Foundation was created as an outgrowth of the Middletown Community Foundation. The Bucks group performs the same services, only countywide.

In particular, said Cimino, the foundation focuses on the many families who live paycheck to paycheck — a phenomenon that’s not always recognized in Bucks, but leaves many families on shaky ground.

“When someone gets sick, they get behind the eightball,” he explained. “If someone gets laid off, they’re devastated.”

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