Tomlinson op-ed: The Case for Levittown’s Own Brian Fitzpatrick

By State Sen. Tommy Tomlinson

Serving the people of Lower Bucks County is an honor. Our vibrant communities and extraordinary people who live and work here confirm my belief that there is no place I would rather live and have the privilege to represent in the state Senate, than Bucks County.

Our community is currently faced with selecting a congressman to serve as our voice in Washington. For me the choice is clear. I will be voting for Levittown’s own, Brian Fitzpatrick, to be that voice.

I have known Brian for over 20 years and can confidently say that he embodies all of the qualities that I look for in a candidate to represent me. He has had a long and successful career serving his country, has a plan to tackle issues that are important to me, from economic growth to winning the fight against opioid addiction, and has deep roots in our community that will always ensure he will serve as an independent voice for us.

Brian is a certified EMT here in Pennsylvania, an Eagle Scout, and an involved member of our community. He is both a licensed CPA and attorney, and he used those skills to serve his country as a Special Assistant United States Attorney and an FBI Supervisory Special Agent.  His qualifications are unmatched. Brian Fitzpatrick is someone who truly exemplifies good citizenship, intelligence, and the drive to work for the common good. He is not someone spoiled by partisanship or ideology, but instead is a problem solver, and we need problem-solvers more now than ever.

Brian’s campaign slogan of “Security and Opportunity for All” is really just an extension of his background as an FBI Agent and U.S. Attorney.  He knows how to keep us safe and that knowledge is evident in the policies he has laid out this campaign.

As a CPA, he understands the disarray existing in our tax code and knows the importance of a balanced budget.  He will bring Bucks County common sense to fight Washington’s tax and spending addiction as part of a plan for pro-growth economy that lifts businesses and families through growing wages, investments in infrastructure and a commitment to American jobs.  

Security is a pressing issue for our country and Brian is one of the most qualified congressional candidates in the nation who can address the threats we face at home and abroad. From terrorism to the rampant opioid epidemic, Brian brings with him 14 years of hands-on experience keeping our communities safe.

While working as a FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Brian Fitzpatrick worked counter-terrorism missions at home and around the globe to identify and tackle terror networks, including serving in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Unlike partisan politicians unprepared to address the challenges of terror and extremism, Brian will bring with him knowledge gained from real-life experiences of what it takes to win this battle and keep our families safe.  Whether it is overturning the dangerous Iran nuclear deal or developing strategies to cut off funding to terror groups like ISIS so they can’t export their evil agendas, Brian Fitzpatrick is the clear choice in this race.

Equally as important, Fitzpatrick’s law enforcement background provides him an unmatched expertise into the local challenge of drug addiction and the violence it breeds. While serving as Special Assistant United States Attorney, Brian prosecuted violent drug offenders and gained an understanding of just how widespread drug addiction has become in our nation. As an EMT, Brian understands the human impact to not just the addict, but the addict’s family and community. His passion for addressing the issue of addiction and his commitment to increasing funding for recovery and education efforts makes him the best choice for battling what has become a national epidemic.  

I am proud Brian Fitzpatrick is Bucks County born and bred.  He embodies the working class values that define Bucks County and he is exactly the kind of person I want representing me in Congress.  On November 8th, I urge you to join me in voting for Levittown’s own Brian Fitzpatrick, for Congress.

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