Northampton holds first-ever Restaurant Week

In an effort to drive local business and highlight some flavors close to home, Northampton Township is holding its first-ever restaurant “week.”

“People go to Newtown, New Hope or Philadelphia,” said Betty Satterley, special events coordinator for the township. “We want them to try the restaurants here.”

The event is actually two weeks, splitting sides of the township. From Oct. 16 to 22, Holland and Churchville eateries will get their chance to shine, followed by Richboro and Ivyland spots from Oct. 23 to 29.

The divide is meant to get people out of their communities and see what the township has to offer as a whole.

“People just tend to forget to go to the other side of town,” Satterley said. “By doing two different weeks, it gives people the impetus to cross over.”
Some of the restaurants have made improvements over time, and those who haven’t visited in awhile may be missing out.
There’s new spots like 59 Almshouse, a Richboro restaurant that specializes in American cuisine. Then there’s places like Jake’s Pub, a Richboro mainstay, formerly known as Jake’s Eatery, that recently added a pub to the restaurant as well as live music on the weekends.

Meanwhile, Dom’s Lounge has redone the back of the restaurant and Giuseppe’s added an outdoor patio.
The township even set up a website with a “Meet the Owners” page and menu offerings, including prix fixe menus and other special menu items and pricing.

All that information is available on

Here’s a list of participating restaurants:

October 16 to 22

Jersey’s Tomato Pies and Bistro
295 Buck Road in Holland
The Churchville Inn
1500 Bustleton Pike in Churchville

October 23 to 29

59 Almshouse
59 Almshouse Road in Richboro
Jake’s Pub
869 Bustleton Pike in Richboro
Spring Mill Country Club
80 Jacksonville Road in Ivyland
130 Almshouse Road in Richboro
Tony’s Place
1297 Greeley Ave. in Ivyland

More will be added up until the week. Check the website for updated information.

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