Big Q BBQ owner announces immediate closure of Levittown restaurant


Wire file photo.

About thirteen months after its grand opening, Levittown’s only drive-thru barbecue spot will be closing its doors today.

Drew Abruzzese, owner of Big Q BBQ on Bristol-Oxford Valley Road, released a statement citing the limited dine-in seating at that location as one of the reasons for the closure, effective Sept. 7.

“We’ve done tremendously well in Levittown, but we realized we have simply outgrown this location,” Abruzzese said. “We had no idea when we opened that so many of our customers would want to dine-in, and our site has really limited inside seating.”

Abruzzese will be consolidating his operation and running a central commissary out of The Pineville Tavern, which recently opened a Big Q takeout outlet inside the Bucks County restaurant, according to the statement.

Abruzzese suggested that he will be looking to open new locations that are more suitable for the concept, with restaurant-style seating. There was no timeframe given for an opening, but the search is beginning immediately in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. There’s no word yet whether that will include a dedicated Bucks County location.


Wire file photo.

Big Q BBQ became popular almost immediately after its opening. The restaurant had to shut down three hours into its grand opening after serving about 450 orders and running out of food. The hype continued as Abruzzese created the Sam Bradford sandwich as a dig at the former Eagles quarterback for requesting a trade after signing a lucrative contract.

Abruzzese expressed thanks to the Levittown customers, and said the slow-cooked, quick-serve barbecue concept will return soon, despite the abrupt closure.

“I was overwhelmed by the tremendous success of the Big Q brand,” said Abruzzese. “We are extremely grateful to the residents of Levittown who supported our business and enabled us to grow, and we hope they travel to The Pineville Tavern and our new locations.”

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