Some Northampton Township residents advised to boil water following water main break

Some Northampton Township residents are advised to boil their tap water for drinking, or use bottled water, following a water main break along Bustleton Avenue in Richboro earlier today.

According to a notice from the Northampton Township Municipal Authority, a 12-inch water main burst early this morning near Bustleton Ave. and Willow Road. The street was shut down temporarily as workers repaired the pipe, but the water now temporarily carries the risk of containing disease-carrying organisms that entered the water supply while the pipe was open.

The service area was flushed and the authority is collecting water samples over the next two days to test for bacteria. In the meantime, residents in the area should bring any drinking water to a rolling boil before cooling and consuming it.

This also applies to water used for making ice, brushing teeth or washing dishes.

The affected area “include(s) Bustleton Pike between Anthony Drive and Lower Holland Road, Sager Place and Willow Road between Bustleton Pike and Dogwood Road,” according to the notice.

Symptoms of ingesting water contaminated with viruses, bacteria or parasites include nausea, cramps, diarrhea and associated headaches. Infants, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible.

The Northampton Municipal Authority will notify residents when these precautions are no longer necessary.

Read the notice here.

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