Bensalem dermatologists offer free skin cancer screenings throughout September


Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners is offering free skin cancer screenings at their Bensalem office, 195 Street Road, Suite 100, throughout September. It’s a few months after their free clinic in May for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but the end of summer is just as good a time to consider getting checked.

“Someone out on the beach a lot this year has probably been out on the beach a lot in other years,” said Andrew Frankel, spokesman for the practice. “These are the people with a lot of long-term exposure.”

Skin cancer doesn’t form over just the few weeks people may have recently been at the shore. It often develops due to years of exposure, and can be exacerbated thanks to genetic disposition. Summer is the time of year where people are out in the sun and may be more aware of lesions or other marks that develop on their skin.

That makes this a good time of year to get any new developments checked out. Skin cancer is typically superficial when it first develops and can be removed quickly with a minor surgical procedure. If left too long, it can grow deeper below the skin, potentially metastasizing and affecting other systems in the body.

“Skin cancer is the number-one form of cancer, and it’s certainly the kind of thing you want to catch early and treat while it’s a small problem,” said Frankel.

Anyone interested in the screenings must set an appointment first, and can sign up through the practice’s website or call the offices directly. The screenings entail a thorough check of as much skin as a person cares to expose, and a review and recommendation of any lesions or marks.

That means it’s also available to anyone who just wants a routine check, including a look at any moles or other longtime marks, to ensure they’re benign.

“People have all kinds of moles that are not cancer, but it’s nice for people to be reassured it’s not anything to worry about,” said Frankel.

For information or to register for a free screening, call 215.639.7546 or visit

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