WirePOLITICS: NRCC jabs Santarsiero for taking trip to California

Tom Waringthe Wire

The National Republican Congressional Committee poked fun at state Rep. Steve Santarsiero about traveling to California for a cocktail reception in his honor at the home of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The NRCC suggested that Santarsiero, who is running for the 8th Congressional District, check out the Bucks County Wine Trail.

“We truly hope that Steve Santarsiero enjoys his time away from Southeast Pennsylvania to hobnob with Nancy Pelosi in her home. When Santarsiero is done drinking Napa Valley wine with Nancy Pelosi, maybe he can check out the many wineries in Bucks County,” said spokesman Chris Pack.

The NRCC also took note that Santarsiero’s government office deleted a video of a news conference he held in 2013 with Kathleen Kane, who resigned  as state attorney general after being convicted of leaking secret grand jury information to the Philadelphia Daily News to discredit former state prosecutor Frank Fina, her archrival.

Santarsiero was among only a few Democrats who called for Kane to resign last year when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court suspended her law license. He was happy to see Kane resigned after her conviction.

“Finally, Pennsylvania can move forward and begin restoring the public’s trust in our state’s highest law enforcement office,” he said.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Santarsiero’s opponent, released a statement following Kane’s conviction.

“While far too many Pennsylvanians have come to expect this type of politicking, corruption and abuse of power by too many in Harrisburg, this brazen abuse of power must not represent the ‘new normal,’ ” he said.

“Having spent virtually my entire career arresting corrupt politicians as an FBI Special Agent, and having served as a National Supervisor in the FBI’s Political Corruption Unit, I can tell you firsthand how instances like this by career politicians erode citizens’ trust in their government at its core. These continuous violations of the public trust must end. Too many in Harrisburg and Washington see themselves as above the rules and free from the scrutiny of those they represent as elected officials.”

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