WirePOLITICS: NRCC criticizes Santarisiero for not voting

Tom Waringthe Wire

The National Republican Congressional Committee is criticizing Steve Santarsiero, the Democratic nominee in the 8th Congressional District, for failing to vote on a bill named after a fallen Newtown Borough Police Department officer.

The bill passed 186-0.

“It’s unfortunate that Steve Santarsiero found time to sling mud in his congressional campaign but couldn’t find time to vote on a bill named after a fallen Bucks County police officer.  Steve Santarsiero only cares about his job as a Harrisburg politician when it benefits his campaign for U.S. Congress,” said NRCC spokesman Chris Pack.

The House of Representatives unanimously approved legislation, introduced by Reps. Frank Farry and Gene DiGirolamo, to enable paramedics to conduct blood draws on behalf of municipal police departments in alleged driving under the influence cases.

Under current law, paramedics are authorized to exercise their skills only under emergency 911 situations or when conducting a routine ambulance transport.

Currently, when police officers arrest an individual for suspicion of driving under the influence, the officer will take the suspect to the hospital to have his or her blood drawn for a blood alcohol content test.

House Bill 2058 is named after Newtown Borough Police Officer Brian Gregg, who was shot and killed at St. Mary Medical Center in 2005 after a suspect was able to gain possession of his partner’s weapon while undergoing blood and urine tests following a drunken driving arrest. Gregg’s partner and an emergency room technician were also shot.

House Bill 2058 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

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