Falls Police find ‘only good cop is a dead cop’ sign

Falls Township Police took to social media to address an anti-police sign found on Lincoln Highway around 6 a.m. on Monday morning.

Photo courtesy of Falls Township Police Department Facebook page.

An image posted on the police department’s Facebook page showed the sign. In black spray paint on a plywood board, the sign read, “only good cop is a dead cop…” It was posted on Tuesday morning.

“I would like to challenge the person or persons who made and hung the sign to stop into the Police Dept. and speak to us … I would like to sit down with them and show them what we do as Police Officers so they can base their opinions on facts and not ignorance,” the message read. “I doubt they will do this because they hung the sign in the middle of the night like a true coward that I think they are. But prove me wrong and let’s get together maybe we can learn something from each other.”

The post further explained that Americans have the right to express opinions like this, it’s ‘“ironic” that they chose to do so on the anniversary of D-Day, “When thousands of young Americans died to make sure an idiot or idiots like this can express their opinions.”

As of Wednesday morning, the post was shared nearly 600 times.

To read the full post, visit http://www.facebook.com/Falls-Township-Police-Department-228358110663005/

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